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Dancefloor Killers / Gobsmacked / Morforecs / Rheostatus

About 14anger

14anger is a time traveler. Collector of techno classics, admirer of futuristic sequencing, he weaves these together for an eternal timed prophecy rave.
Vehement manufacturer of electronic music, not of the norm, giving deep and lyrical, solid originality, spurred out of years spent in Industrial, EBM, and doomcore to his melodic synth pads.

14anger is cultivated dancefloor, serious as a heart attack without resuscitation.
Disciplined? Determined. Ecstasy? Rave. For certain.

14anger's first releases are on heavy rotation by Dave Clarke, Flug, Jay Denham, Dave The Drummer, Niereich, Andreas Krämer, Forest People, L.A.W., Krischmann & Klingenberg, Al Ferox, Amir Razanica, 3PhazeGenerator, Bruno Ledesma, Luke Creed, Diarmaid O Meara, GabeeN, Uun, TWIST3D, Dolgener, Maëlstrom, Nicolas Cuer, David Meiser, George Lanham, Minimum Syndicat, Dolby D, Paco Osuna, Ortin Cam, Clemens Neufeld, Feyser, 138, Millhouse..

14anger also played at M-Bia, Ava (Berlin), Specka (Madrid), Le Batofar, Le Gibus, Le Glaz’art (Paris), La Villa Rouge, Le Rockstore, Victoire 2 (Montpellier), La Sala del Cel, Le Rachdingue (Girona, ES), Il Cerchio (Palermo, IT), Le Trolley Bus, Le Poste à Galène (Marseille), Le Respublica, Le BT59 (Bordeaux), Le Volume (Nice), Le Bikini (Toulouse), El Mediator (Perpignan), Le Mark XIII (Grenoble)..


Contact & Booking

Booking / Promo / Requests : 14anger@gmail.com